Richmond Arts Strategy


What is your vision for a vibrant arts scene in Richmond?
What role should the City of Richmond play to achieve this vision?

The City of Richmond is developing a new Arts Strategy to enrich Richmond's quality of life through broad accessibility and engagement with the arts. The Strategy will serve as a guide for decision-making to empower ideas, people and resources around a shared vision and set of goals, strategies and tactics. The new Strategy will help us work together to move the arts forward in our communities.

Update on the Richmond Arts Strategy

After a very busy engagement period, we are currently in the process of analyzing the data we collected and drafting the Strategy.

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We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has helped to inform the Strategy thus far.

Throughout 2018, we gathered feedback and ideas from the community via an online survey, a series community dialogue events and more than 30 pop-up kiosks and sounding boards across the City. We received over 470 completed surveys and collected approximately 500 additional pieces of feedback through our various community engagement activities. We are currently working with a large and robust pool of ideas from people just like you!

At our final Community Dialogue Session on November 19, we received tons of great feedback about the proposed Strategic Directions, as well as some great suggestions of actions that we can collectively take to make them happen.

Guiding Principles

Working with the 25-member Richmond Arts Strategy Task Group, this community feedback played a vital role in the development of the Strategy’s Guiding Principles which were officially endorsed by City Council on July 23, 2018.

These Principles will guide strategic priorities, actions, and decisions of the City of Richmond in arts development over the next five years:

  • Striving for EXCELLENCE among all who participate in and contribute to the artistic life of Richmond from City services to community organizations to individuals of all ages and skill levels.

  • SUSTAINABILITY to 'future-proof' the arts through funding, education, infrastructure, mentorship and the integration of the arts into the everyday fabric of our city.

  • Expressing CREATIVITY through experimentation and fostering collaboration among diverse voices.

  • Providing broad ACCESSIBILITY to arts experiences and advancing INCLUSIVITY to connect people through the arts.

  • COMMUNITY-BUILDING through creative engagement and dialogue, and honouring the spirit of Reconciliation.

  • CELEBRATION to showcase and inspire Richmond's artistic vibrancy

Strategic Priorities

Since the adoption of the Guiding Principles, the following key focus areas, or Strategic Priorities, have been identified through further analysis of the community feedback:

  1. Ensure affordable and accessible arts for all.

  2. Promote inclusivity and diversity in the arts.

  3. Invest in the arts.

  4. Increase awareness and participation in the arts.

  5.  Activate public spaces through the arts.

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