How Art WOrks
In Richmond

The City of Richmond, British Columbia, recognizes that the arts are integral to vibrant communities. Participation impacts our health, our economy and overall well-being in remarkable ways.

They make us happier, healthier, better students and better scientists; they help us recover from injury, help us enjoy our later years and so much more. You are invited to explore a range of arts opportunities offered in your community.

Want to know more about art’s impact?

There’s a lot of work being done to show how we can improve our communities, our health and our happiness through the arts. View our Resources page to explore articles, studies, TED talks and more that will give you a deeper understanding of how art can impact both your life and your community.

What do we mean by
the arts?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to learn to play the cello to experience the benefits of participating in the arts. Try dancing, knitting, building model trains, drumming, painting; if it feels creative, odds are it counts. Studies have shown our health and happiness are improved even by simply watching live performances and attending art exhibitions.